Many people who live in the Fairview Heights subdivision near a certain house on Partlow Avenue say it’s been sitting vacant.

Well, almost vacant.

For nearly a decade, neighbors say the home has attracted many, unwanted critters.

“Feral cats, raccoons, we’ve seen possum, deer in the backyard. We’ve had an infestation of red squirrels,” said neighbor Roni Perkins.

“I mean they don’t just stick around this house, they infest the entire neighborhood,” another neighbor said.

Neighbors say they reached out to the township, animal control, Grand Ledge Police, Eaton County Sheriff, and Saved by Zade (a cat rescue) to help take care of the animal problem.

With no luck.

Abby drew, a community member said, “I think it poses an issue to the safety of everyone in the community as well as our pets.”

But this past week neighbors say something happened.

“A couple of days ago we noticed the population wasn’t there anymore I discovered patches of vomit all over my yard,” said Perkins.

Perkins said animals began to get sick and disappear.

She found a sickly pregnant cat and kitten underneath her car

She took them to the Capital Area Humane Society where they told her:

“They would not survive because, and these are their words, they definitely got into something.”

And another neighbor even told us that in the past week, her dog had gotten very sick, with bloody stool.

While they don’t know exactly what’s happening, they’ve created an online petition for people to come together in front of Oneida township trustees urging them to do something about the property.

“Quite quickly that I found out, I’m not the only one who has a problem with this, and not the only one who would like to see something done about it,” said neighbor Abby Drew.

Desperate for answers, they plan on confronting the board of trustees early next month.

Since 6 News began investigating this story Tuesday, an Oneida Township building inspector went to the property and told us they are expecting to condemn it.