Kalamazoo family heads to Georgia to canvass for runoff election


GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — All eyes were on Georgia Tuesday, as voters cast their ballots to decide who will control the U.S. Senate.

“We need to make sure that people are taken care of,” said Michelle Zukowski-Serlin. “We want people to unite and work together.”

The Zukowski-Serlin family said they drove 15 hours from Kalamazoo to Savannah to urge Georgians to vote in the state’s Senate runoff election.

“These types of break-point moments don’t come along very often in American history,” said Troy Zukowski-Serlin. “This just seems like one of them.”

Given the magnitude of this runoff, the West Michigan family went door-knocking, drove voters to the polls and let Georgians know how to cast their ballots.

“To say we were here literally on the ground during this period of American history is really exciting,” Troy Zukowski-Serlin said. “It’s a memory we’ll have for the rest of our lives.”

The family was passionate about their work, even willing to risk their health to serve.

“I would not be traveling anywhere if it wasn’t for a specific purpose, important purpose like this because it’s a pandemic,” Julia Serlin said.

Regardless of the outcome of Georgia’s senate election, the Zukowski-Serlin family found comfort knowing they influenced at least one person to exercise their right.

“We feel it is almost our obligation to do everything we can to make that happen,” Michelle Zukowski-Serlin said.

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