KALAMAZOO SHOOTING: Western Michigan University students say they didn’t receive alerts


KALAMAZOO, MI (WLNS)- Eight people shot, six of those killed, and it all was just a few miles from Western Michigan University’s campus.

Yet many students at WMU had no idea what was happening.

Cornelia Savoie from Holt, is one of those students.

“It was pretty hectic.” Savoie said.

The three shooting all happened within 15 miles of campus, with the closest one occurring at the Seeley car dealership just 3 miles away from Western Michigan University’s campus.

Savoie and seventy of her sorority sisters were just down the road from the dealership when the shooting happened.

“This being a serious event its very disappointing that public safety didn’t pull through, and alert every student that was on this campus” Cornelia Savoie, Western Michigan University student said.

According to Savoie, she signed up for the school’s emergency alerts, but didn’t get a text message, email or anything else from the school; and she’s not alone.

“The ability for the shooter to get to the student area where the kids live, he was no less than 45 seconds away from there and that’s really scary!” Annette Daniel Sorority advisor said.

“This is an important safety issue because we are out and about in Kalamazoo, and not all of us live on campus” Cylor Fagan WMU student from Jackson Michigan said.

According to Cylor Fagan, he called the public safety office to ask why students hadn’t received an alert.

“They had said that it was because the incident wasn’t occurring on campus but from what I understand this person was like an Uber driver. So one of our students could have potentially been on campus”

Fagan said.

While many students are disappointed with the way the situation was handled, some tell six news, they hope that a lesson can be learned.

“If they want to protect us, they like have to let us know, like what we need to look out for.” Savoie said.

“You can’t control this but we can alert the people so that they can be safe” Annette Daniel said.

Six news, reached out to the Western Michigan University’s public safety department that over-seas the alert system, but they didn’t contact us back.

The university’s President Dr. John Dunn did release a statement.

“Two of the three incidents happened miles from the campus, and while these incidents were not linked until very late in the timeline, we need to make adjustments in our own procedures to respond to extraordinary circumstances. Last night’s incident clearly was one. We are looking carefully at our guidelines and the possibility of developing a public safety advisory covering a broader array of safety issues.” Dr. John Dunn said.

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