Keeping animals cool at the Ingham County Fair


MASON, Mich (WLNS) – You know it’s important to keep an eye on your pets when they head outside in the heat but there are some other animals who are on the minds of their owners today.

We’re talking about the animals that are being shown at the Ingham County Fair.

It has been a hot summer and today is no different.

Because of the high temps, it’s not just the people but also the farm animals that are keeping cool by staying out of the sunlight.

For some, blue skies on a warm August day is picture perfect weather.

But, for the animals, they feel the brunt of the heat.

And, on days like today, they’re given a special treat.

“We try to make sure every pig has a fan to keep them cool in the hot weather,” said Jason Lyon. “It’s very critical during fair week because it’s like 90 degrees almost all week. So, it’s very critical to make sure they’re not stressed out too during the hot weather because they can get stressed very easily.”

The farm creatures may be cute enough to pet but they need special care to keep healthy.

“Keep them hydrated. That’s the most important thing. We got fans blowing on all of them in the whole bay here trying to keep them cool,” explains Ed Whitford. “Try not to get them too excited and riled up. Make them as comfortable as possible. That’s about the best way to keep them cooled down. Just like you and I they gotta have hydration to stay cool. Without it, they’re just going to overheat.”

And, fair officials are confident they can handle whatever Mother Nature throws at them.

“You’ll also find a lot of spots where little covered awnings to sit under making sure every few feet there some place to sit down and get some shade,” said Ingham County Fair executive director Sandra Dargatz. “We’re just delivering water to everybody, including our own employees, making sure that they have water, that they’re hydrating them, that they take breaks, water every hour on the hour kind of thing.”

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