Keeping pets cool in the heat


LANSING, Mich. (WLNS)– Despite warnings about rising temperatures, some pet owners find themselves at the vet trying to cool their animals down.

Doctors like Melissa McNally find themselves working quickly to treat them.

“I did one maybe a week and a half ago,” she says. “And I want to say it took maybe 15, 20 minutes to get him back to that normal [temperature] where we want him to be, like 102.9 and starting to cool back down to the normal range.”

McNally wants to keep the number of heat-related visits as low as possible for the rest of the summer. She says it’s crucial to avoid keeping animals in a closed, hot space like a car because it may only take minutes to put an animal at risk of heat stroke even when it doesn’t feel too hot outside.

“Obviously if the dog can avoid being out in direct heat, you know, inside in air conditioning, that would probably be best,” McNally says, “especially when it’s gonna be in the 90’s. And then, you know, fans, shade, make sure he’s got access to shade.”

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