Keeping your pets safe this July 4th holiday weekend


LANSING, Mich.( WLNS) – The July 4th weekend is officially here and that means fireworks will blast off across the state. But those loud noises can leave many pets scared and filled with anxiety.

“A really startling firework can really invoke trauma in a pet,” said Kirbay Preuss.

Kirbay Preuss’s family has over 30 years of experience in the pet industry.

She says July 5th is one of the busiest days for local shelters.

“A lot of pets unfortunately get displaced. It’s really frightening out there with those really loud noises which tend to make them run,” said Preuss.

And in case your pets try to make a run for it this holiday weekend Kirbay stresses the importance of tagging and microchipping.

“If your pet isn’t already microchipped you want to make sure you have an up to date and current tag and proper identification so in the event they get lost it’s much easier if someone finds them,” said Preuss.

Preuss Pets Owner Rick Preuss says the effects of loud, blaring fireworks can be long-lasting.

“That fright can cause everything from high anxiety long lasting imprinting of a bad condition or just overall uneasiness,” said Rick Preuss.

Preuss says when that happens it’s important to move your pets to a key safe zone in the home.

“Allowing him to be in his crate that he feels comfortable with. It might be being in a particular room that he likes to go to it might be setting up some blankets that he likes to hide underneath,” said Preuss.

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