Kelly Stafford, wife to Matthew Stafford, announces brain tumor


Detroit Lion’s quarterback Matthew Stafford is used to his family being in the spotlight, but not like this.

Kelly Stafford, Matthew’s wife, announced on her Instagram that she has a brain tumor.

This type of tumor, that grows usually in the inner ear toward the brain, is called an acoustic neuroma, also known as a vestibular schwannoma. They are usually benign, treatable and have a good prognosis.

“A vestibular schwannoma is uncommon but not rare,” said professor and chair at the Department of Neurology and Opthalmology, at Michigan State University, David Kaufman D.O.

Kelly explained in her post that she was experiencing dizziness and had vertigo back in January and went to the hospital for blood tests, but doctors couldn’t find anything wrong with her.

Matthew suggested to see the Lion’s physicians after her symptoms continued. The physician mentioned to get an MRI just to be sure, and that’s when doctors discovered the tumor.

The two pictures in her post included a picture of her and Matthew the day they found out and the MRI with a red arrow pointing to where the tumor is located.

Kelly wrote in her Instagram post that “within the last year, I began to notice things that I thought was just me getting older.” Kaufman says if you think something if wrong, you need to do see a physician.

“I think it’s important for patients to know their body, they have to understand what’s normal for them, if they develop symptoms of dizziness or the room is spinning, associated with hearing loss, that’s one of the first signs of an acoustic neuroma,” said Kaufman.

Kelly also included that she plans to undergo surgery to have the tumor removed.

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