Grown-Ups aren’t the only ones who have trouble sleeping. Kids can have difficulty drifting off to dreamland too.

If they’re tossing and turning all night, they have a higher risk for chronic illnesses and obesity.

Make sure your child is getting the correct amount of sleep. As you can see, this can range from 17 hours for a newborn, to just 8 hours a day for teens.

To help your child get the right amount of deep sleep, remove TVs, tablets, laptops and even cell phones from their room.

It’s a good idea to establish a bedtime routine by giving them a bath or reading a book to them.

Don’t eat too close to bedtime, may foods and drinks contains caffeine and sugar.

Make sure her bedroom is cozy and it’s quiet. Teens may even want to wear earplugs.

And make sure their bed is the right size: If they’ve been complaining about having a hard time getting comfortable, that’s a sign she needs a bigger mattress.

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