Laingsburg family ‘thinks positive’ after business goes up in flames


UPDATE: A family in Laingsburg is reeling from loss after their local fruit processing plant, Round Lake Produce and Distributing went up in flames Friday night.

Firefighters from multiple departments responded to the area located in the 7300 block of Round Lake Road around 8:30 p.m.

Fire crews were on scene for more than 10 hours fighting the heavy flames which caused a total loss.

“It is really devastating to see it but it was really something special,” said General Manager Tracy Randall.

A family’s multi-million dollar business turned into ashes overnight.

“When something like this happens and it’s so initial you’re basically in shock you just can’t believe it’s happening,” said Owner George Wizner.

Wizner says it’s a loss you can never prepare for.

His company first started as a small “pick your own fruit farm” back in the mid-1970’s and grew into a booming business employing dozens of workers across Mid-Michigan.

And while the produce company is at a standstill for now Wizner says he can’t help but think about the people who work for him.

“we certainly are concerned for them because they depend on us as well as now our source of income has been been completely shut off with the loss of our facility,” said Wizner.

The concern is mutual employees 6 News talked to today say they’re feeling a loss too.

It’s a loss  Randall says will have a devastating impact on grocery stores they distribute to.

“They have customers coming through who don’t know who we are who don’t care they want their fresh product and so those stores are now in a lurch because they have these shelves that are now empty,” said Randall.

Despite the turmoil, it’s an experience the family says has united them stronger than ever before.

The amount of product that we output every day is just incredible and if there’s ever a crew that’s going to get through something like this it’s ours,” said Randall.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

The Wizner family says they expect to be back up and running, in a temporary building, in the next two weeks.

(WLNS) — Crews fought a fire at Round Lake Produce and Distribution in Laingsburg for more than 10 hours overnight.

The business sits on the 7300 block of Round Lake Road.

Fire crews were called to the farm around 8:30pm Friday night, and didn’t clear from the scene until well after 5:00am.

Fire Officials tell us the main barn is a complete loss, and business will be interrupted until further notice.

Round Lake Produce distributes fruit to local stores as well as grocery stores across the state, Ohio, and Indiana.

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