Angela Carlone and Erika Hodges understand what it’s like to have not enough dog-friendly spaces in Michigan.

Erika usually has to leave her dogs at home, Carlone says. So we wanted to kind of create an environment where people can go, even people that don’t have dogs are welcome to come.

Dozens of people came out with their dogs for a Mutt Madness pop-up, which was a preview of the dog-friendly bar called Pup House the two women want to open by next spring. It would include an indoor and outdoor dog park on nearly ten acres of land. The dog owners who came today say they can’t wait to see it happen.

It’d be great to be able to just hang out and have dogs just running around, Ryann Higgins says, but not have to be at home. To have space for them to actually play, especially in the winter to not be freezing at the dog park.

The owners also think the dogs won’t be the only ones who could benefit from a space like this. 

I think it just makes it easier for you to socialize and meet up with people, Higgins says. And you get to meet other people that are doing the same things as you with their pets.

But even the dog owners that are on board with the idea of Pup House know that a space like this isn’t right for every dog. They say safety is the top priority.

Just know your dog, is the most important thing, dog owner Morgan Richmond says, and trust that people know their dogs. They should know that they can go out around other people or other animals.