Lake Orion offers anglers a variety of fishing opportunities


In this Oct. 26, 2018 photo, University of Maine graduate student Brad Erdman holds an Artic charr, left, and a brook trout, right, at Floods Pond near Otis, Maine. Scientists in Maine are in the middle of a project to use DNA to help preserve Arctic charr, which are at the southern end of their […]

Lake Orion is a 493-acre lake located in northeast Oakland County and considered a warmwater lake with coolwater species which offers anglers the opportunity to have some fun on the water.

Despite a good walleye population at this lake, Cleyo Harris, a local fisheries biologist out of Waterford, admits it’s also an untapped fishing opportunity. Although the lake doesn’t get a ton of ice each winter it is a popular spot for northern pike spearing and jigging for bluegill. During the open water season anglers often target panfish and bass.

According to the Michigan Fishing Tournament Information System, Lake Orion is consistently in the top 40 lakes for number of bass tournaments held there.

A unique non-native species that turns up occasionally is Alewife while brown trout are stocked in Paint Creek each year.

Lastly, Lake Orion does have a dam that maintains its legal lake levels and outflows into Paint Creek, a designated trout stream. To mitigate the warm water flowing over the dam during summer, a bottom draw was installed that pulls cold water from the deeper portions of the lake to then mix with warmer water coming over the dam to provide a coldwater environment at the bottom, suitable for trout populations.

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