LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Kids are heading back to school, and for many that means catching the bus.

Multiple organizations held hiring events for bus drivers Thursday, hoping to fill many vacancies.

The time is now for hiring more bus drivers.

E-Tran is one of the many organizations that had a hiring event Thursday, it was hosted at the Lansing Mall.

The transportation authority is looking for drivers to serve the capital area.

And the same can be said for CATA, whose hiring event was at the Lansing Center.

And along with hiring bus drivers, positions like mechanic are available as well.

A third hiring event was held Thursday at the Dean Training Center in south Lansing.

Dean Transportation specifically needs school bus drivers for the Lansing School District, Ingham Intermediate School District and Clinton County RESA.

Organizers say they are seeing a great turnout at these events.

“With the pandemic, there was definitely a school bus driver shortage and that definitely impacted the entire nation. This summer, we’ve had the most success at our hiring events than we have in the last two years,” said Taylor Williams, communications supervisor for Dean Transportation.

“We’re in a good spot right now, we’re always hiring because there’s always route being added and different changes happening.”