Lansing area left in the dark after BWL loses power


LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – The outage happened after the Eckert substation was tripped offline.

During the 80-minute outage, many people were frustrated because BWL’s phone line and outage map were not working.

As you can see, even though most of downtown Lansing was in the dark this afternoon, the outage map was completely clear.

BWL plans on hooking up a backup system to the power plant this Sunday so their headquarters and their systems won’t go offline again.

For those on the road when the outage happened, some were confused because traffic lights went out, and that meant increased risk for accidents. We talked to one person who witnessed a T-bone accident because of the outage.

Now, BWL is trying to replace the 50-year-old substation that failed Friday.

“We were thankful that we were able to restore the power at the substation within 80 minutes, but it’s exactly the reason why the BWL wants to build a brand new substation on Scott Park,” Stephen Serkaian, LBWL Executive Director of Public Affairs said.

The planning commission is expected to vote on the new central substation on Scott Park on June 21.

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