LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – A joint program between Lansing School District and CATA will give high school students an unlimited bus pass ahead of the new school year.

District leaders said this new program will give students reliable transportation, not only to school but around the city to get to work or practice after class.

But some parents are worried the program lacks supervision to make sure kids get where they’re going safely.

“If you are so reliant on a school bus to pick you up at the end of school and you can’t get home any other way, you can’t stay for sports you can’t stay for drama you can’t stay for dance,” said Ben Shuldiner, Lansing schools’ superintendent.

The district and CATA officials said each eligible high school student will get an unlimited bus pass and their family will get an extra pass as well.

The goal is to boost attendance and student participation in afterschool programs like sports or band.
But some parents said they aren’t happy about the changes.

“If you can’t contain them in the school how are you going to contain them on a school bus to make sure they are behaving correctly without having monitors or school security with them as well?” said Blas Dehuelbes.

Dehuelbes has a student and a nephew in the district. He’s worried about safety both on route and at bus stops.

“It doesn’t seem safe for them to be riding the bus with other adults or the public where they can either be kidnapped or attacked or any kind of stuff could happen to them,” said Dehuelbes.

School and transportation leaders said security staff will help with transfers along with a customer service team to help track students.

High school senior Tiffany Jefferson said she’s excited for the new independence the pass will bring.

“My mom can’t give me transportation everywhere and soon enough, I’ll be working so that’s going to be great. You know, having transportation to go wherever I want to and for school shopping too, it helps with a lot,” she said.

Eligible high school students and parents will still have the chance to get a $50 gas card each month. The district also announced that the school day will start later, moving back from 7:25 a.m. to 8 o’clock in the morning.