LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — The Lansing Fire Department is celebrating Fire Prevention Month and letting you know how to be safe during this month and beyond.

According to Jared Nisch, Lansing Fire Department, there has been an increase in fires, and he said they are generally preventable. “Nobody plans for the worst to happen, but you can plan for an emergency and that’s kind of why we like to have this fire prevention month- because if you can stop it before it happens, then it’s not an issue,” Nisch said. 

Nisch said the three reasons for fires are usually because of cooking, heating- especially space heaters, and electrical.

That’s why the city of Lansing has implemented a new program called the ‘Free Smoke Alarm Program,’ where you can call 311 or use the LFD website and sign up for them to help.

Nische said they will install smoke alarms, provide a general fire safety class to families, and walk through home evacuation plans with you.

To help Michiganders plan & prevent, especially as we get into the winter months, Nisch recommends installing smoke alarms, keeping objects off the stove, keeping clutter to a minimum, and emptying lint from the dryer.

Nisch also recommends a yearly furnace inspection, practicing safe smoking and being careful using candles. “As we get into the winter months, fires do increase because people start heating their homes in various ways, so again we recommend having your furnace checked out, we recommend using safe practices for space heaters, and getting newer space heaters is a huge thing,” Nisch said.

Fire Prevention Month is coming to a close- but the Nisch said they will continue the Free Smoke Alarm program for the foreseeable future.