Doing its part to put an end to gun violence–that was the mission Saturday for members of the Christ Kingdom Builders Church who say they are tired and have had enough when it comes to violence in the streets of Lansing.

As the FBI reports that Lansing is now the 17th most dangerous city in the United States. The report showed that murders are up fifty percent from 2020.

“If there is trouble in the neighborhood that is trouble for everybody and we need to come together to fix it,” said Organizer Audrey Anderson

Audrey Anderson is the organizer of One Night Stop the Violence event at Christ Kingdom Builders church in Lansing. The event is a concert aimed at inspiring the youth to find alternatives to violence. And Anderson says it starts with the adults.

“We’re here to guide the youth and if we don’t guide them in the right way and teach them the right things. Then that leaves them to their own devices,” said Audrey Anderson

Anderson believes that once the person starts on the path to violence it’s that much harder to bring them back. And when we don’t bring them back families and friends lose a loved one.

“The man showed up and he shot my friend and he killed him. And I watched him bleed right there in front of me and there was nothing I can do,” said Co-organizer Michael Robbins

Robbins says that often times we only think about the person who was killed and not the families and the first responders that are affected by this trauma.

“It still haunts me to this day seeing the look on his face laying there as the police officer was doing CPR. And believe me the police officer was in tears pushing on his chest trying to bring him back,” said Michael Robbins

Robbins says please before you do something you regret, there are people here to help. Like Christ Kingdom Builders church who will listen to you and help get you the resources you need.

“The thing that we can do for our community is just be there to help. To lock arms with brothers and sisters whatever their circumstances is and try to just give them as much positive reinforcements and positive values in morality that we could possibly give them,” said Pastor Christopher Maxie