Lansing City Council could vote on gambling ordinance at next meeting

It took state authorities several years to bust up an illegal gambling operation being run out of a Lansing storefront. 

The 5 women involved have been arrested, charged and sentenced to jail. The ring leader, Li Deng, is behind bars for 7 months. 

But city councilwoman Carol Wood says catching that operation is just the beginning. 

"We recieved information about the fact that we had a number of gambling establishments that were cropping up in the city, that the state had investigators that were investigating this but they only had two throughout the entire state." 

Wood says they city wants to see quicker results than what the very few state investigators could give, and proposing a gambling ordinance would help it get them. 

"In working in conjunction with the city attorney's office and the chief of police it was determined that we could create an ordinance that would allow the police department to do the invesigation," Wood said.

The ordinance gives Lansing Police the authority to enforce penalties against illegal gambling, something Wood says they're on board with because crime usually just leads to more crime. 

"Sometimes you'll end up with fighting and guns, and the possibility of drugs and all of those things interact when we're talking about illegal gambling," Wood said. 

The full council could vote to pass the ordinance at their August 13th meeting. 


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