Lansing City Council delays decision of President & Vice-President

LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – The debate of who would be most suitable for Lansing City Council’s President and Vice-President is unfortunately still undecided.

The situation has been an on-going discussion that’s left not only the council members frustrated, but the public as well.

“I cannot understand how 8 leaders that were elected by the citizens cannot come to a conclusion for leadership,” said concerned resident Elaine Womboldt.

Even after hours and hours of discussion, there’s still no decision on who will be elected Lansing City Council President and Vice-President.

“There’s clearly a 4-4 split at this point and I fear what this might mean for the coming year,” Third Ward Councilmember Adam Hussain stated.

Hussain says although the back and forth debate is mentally exhausting, the decision is important for the city.

”We have to have a leader I think with experience, somebody that’s knowledgeable and somebody that is again capable of navigating some pretty turbulent times,” said Hussain.

But why can’t the council reach a decision?

Hussain says some of the issues on hand include whether or not a council member has intent to run for a higher leadership position and simply finding the right fit.

“Some of the things that are at play here are committee assignments and I think the people of Lansing understand just how important it is that we have the right people particularly on developmental planning and public safety and how we get past this, I just don’t know,” Hussain added.

He says after countless hours of deliberation and no end result, he understands the aggravation people may have but insists people stay optimistic.

“We’re frustrated too and you know one of the things again that the recess allowed for was to us to get feedback from the city and from constituents and we have to understand that this is not our body, this is the residents of Lansing’s body,” said Hussain.

The council re-scheduled the discussion for Tuesday, January 17th at 5:30 p.m.

If a decision is not reached by then, Lansing’s city attorney says a mediator or a person of higher authority will be brought in for further discussion until a decision is reached.

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