Lansing City Council to appoint members of “Medical Marijuana Commission”

LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Medical marijuana continues to be a growing topic in the city of Lansing.

Since the most recent ordinance passed, there have been many questions surrounding rules and regulations not just in Lansing, but in the state.

To help answer those questions, the ordinance requires the city to form a “Medical Marijuana Commission” and starting Monday the Lansing City Council will appoint those members.

Why form this commission in the first place?

Lansing city clerk Chris Swope says if someone wanted to appeal any of the city clerk’s decisions on licensing, the “Medical Marijuana Commission” would allow its appointed commissioners to hear those appeals.

The commission will be made up of five positions that will consist of one at-large member and one person from each ward.

Those appointed are selected by the mayor and then confirmed by city council.

Right now, the mayor has appointed four positions so far and it’s important to note that those he appoints must also be city residents and members of the public.

Swope says creating this commission is another step forward in the implementation of the ordinance and a way the city can make sure it’s aligned with Michigan’s guidelines when it comes to the licensing process.

He also says while handling appeals will be the commission’s primary function, there’s more to their role than just that.

“They also have the ability to review the ordinance and make recommendations to the city council for future changes to the ordinance so as we get into the full implementation and start issuing licenses and things like that, there will be the ability there to have some review of the overall process,” said Swope.

Here’s what’s happening Monday night:

The Lansing City Council will interview the four members appointed by the mayor during the Committee of the Whole meeting and then if approved by city council members in the City Council meeting, Swope will swear them in.

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