LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – On Sunday night, a community center was the victim of vandalism and suffered over $100,000 dollars in damage.

Members of the nonprofit who run the center are working hard to clean the mess.

Smashed windows, spray-painted walls, and destroyed water fountains were the sights that greeted community workers at the former Otto Middle School on Monday morning.

“When I first pulled into the clinic area I saw a fire extinguisher in the window… and then I get into the clinic and there was glass shattered everywhere the walls were punched in, the ceiling, the exit sign was broken and ripped from the ceiling,” said Katie Anderson, the mental health director at the community center.

The nonprofit Advancement Corporation” is dealing with substantial damages at their recently renovated building.

“We were at a point to where everything was functional, everything was fixed, everything was in place. We were running programming out of here adding new tenants every week and this has really set us back,” said Derrick Knox Jr., Executive Director of the Advancement Corporation.

The destruction happened Sunday night and continued into Monday morning with vandals spraying fire extinguishers, and painting profanity on windows and floors.

“This was premeditated it wasn’t just a random incident… it was somebody that was trying to send a message,” Knox Jr. said.

Police are working closely with community members to gather a list of suspects, and the corporation will host a community clean-up event this weekend.

Katie Anderson, mental health director at the community center “It’s really tightened up the arms for the community center and that’s just what really just shows me that everybody knows that this needs to be here,” Anderson said.

But it won’t undo the damage done to the center, or the people who depended on it.

“We are in a situation now to where we have kids that were dependent upon this facility, on a daily basis we can’t afford to wait months… So we are trying to do what we can to raise funds to get it back up and operational as soon as possible to get the kids back in here,” Knox Jr. said.