Lansing community honors victims of Orlando massacre


LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – “I honestly am…horrified that our space was violated in that way,” Lansing Association for Human Rights President Alysa Hodgson said in disbelief.

“It just really pulls on my heartstrings because it could have been anywhere,” LGBTQ Community Member Trevor Strzyzykowski stated.

Mass chaos flooded the Orlando area outside of Pulse nightclub…and overwhelming emotion is what the Lansing community is feeling today.

“It’s very sad, it’s very frustrating and it’s very scary and I think that that’s a fear that people belonging to LGBTQ community have felt for a very long time,” Strzyzykowski said.

“It’s significant that it happened in pride month…it’s sort of a rallying cry for us to ban together and be even stronger,” said Hodgson.

General Manager Samuel Courtney helps run Spiral Dance Bar, a popular gay and lesbian nightclub and he says he’s not surprised by this horrific tragedy.

“The bullying that you see, the violence that you see every day is nothing new and until we fix that, until that’s not ok, as Americans until we’re Americans together…ya know you’re still going to see tragedies like this,” Courtney mentioned.

Unfortunately, according to the LGBTQ community, this all stems from a much larger issue.

“We need to do a better job at protecting people and preventing these sorts of things from happening,” Strzyzykowski stated.

And it goes without saying that these victims…are in the Lansing’s thoughts.

“We love you and that…you’re ya know…you will be cared for in one way or another,” Hodgson said with tears in her eyes.

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