LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Republican nominee for governor Tudor Dixon is in the same spot former candidate for Gov. John Engler was in 32 years ago, as he was the underdog running against the sitting governor.

“All these cameras said he can’t win and they’re thinking the same thing now. no way she has no chance,” said John Engler. “The incumbent is unbeatable. You can never beat this strong incumbent.”

Engler did beat Jim Blanchard and he’s hoping for a repeat of history.

Though the Wednesday event in Lansing was called a Unity Event, Kevin Rinke was the only former candidate for governor who attended.

Former candidate Ryan Kelley has not conceded and is demanding a recount, even though Tudor Dixon won by 20 points.

While former candidate Garrett Soldano has endorsed Dixon, he was a no-show.

Candidate Ralph Rebandt was not in attendance.

James Craig, John Englers first choice for governor, was a no-show as well.

No one was expecting the former president to be there as he’s credited with handing Dixon the victory, but Trump did not get a shout-out from her or the other speakers.

One thing that Tudor Dixon did mention was the governor.

“We will remember when our schools were shut down and pleas from parents found deaf ears,” said Dixon. “We will remember the biggest industries and smallest businesses who felt the government was working against us and she endorsed in spirit the defunding of the police and the crime rate skyrocketed.”

The stage is set for the first female versus female race for governor in state history.

“So hang on we’re in for a fun ride,” said Dixon.