Lansing fire forced families from apartments


LANSING, MI (WLNS) – An update for you now on a Lansing fire that forced dozens of people from their homes, Wednesday night, at Waverly Gardens Apartments.

Seven people, including children had to be rescued from upper floors by fire crews.

At least 32 people were forced out of their homes after crews had to cut the power to the building.

The day after the flames, couples, parents, even children tell the tale of what it was like waking up to smoke, and fire fighters.

It’s the day after the fire, and eleven year old Navdeep Kaur, stares at the remains of the building she was living in less than 24 hours ago.

“When I see the building burned like this it doesn’t look good at all. Or feel good.” eleven year old Navdeep Kaur said as she stared at the charred building.

According to Kaur, she was sleeping when her mother told her there was a fire.

“We had to sleep in the car yesterday, it was horrible” Navdeep Kaur said.

But Kaur and her mom aren’t the only family trying to get back on their feet.

Qendresa Bujupaj has two year old twins, and Donna Parra-Mora has a six year old son.

Parra-mora told 6 news the Red Cross has been a major help.

“We finally got a room and everything about 6 o’clock this morning” Donna Parra-Mora said.

Linda Lawrence told 6 News when fires like this happen, the Red Cross provides families with comfort kits, which have tooth brushes and soaps. In addition they give families a credit card to cover the cost of a hotel, food and anything else a person may need.

Linda Lawrence from Red Cross Disaster relief told 6 News the goal is start families on a road to recovery “‘Get them where they were before this fire happened” Lawrence said.

Sam Frangie, an owner of the building, told 6 News he’s just grateful everyone is alive

“I’m thankful that nobody got hurt, this is the number one priority, and then we’ll move on” Sam Frangie, building owner said.

According to Red Cross officials more than 30 people have been helped but families continue to come in.

Delta Township Fire officials are still investigating the cause.

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