LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – A mother of three spent the day looking through charred rubble hoping to find anything salvageable after a fire on Saturday night destroyed her home.

When 6 News reporter Kyle Makin arrived on the scene at Green Meadows Drive in Lansing that night, firefighters were just getting done battling the flames. They had to cut into the garage to fight the fire and the home was pretty much a total loss.

Monique Clark was called Saturday night by her son. He was screaming and frantic, saying their house was on fire. When Clark got there, she found her two sons and daughter sitting on the sidewalk watching helplessly as their home burned.

Fire crews say it looks like the fire started in the attached garage and spread to the home. The Clarks say it was just their second night in the duplex, adding that boxes of toys, clothes, and family memories are gone.

“I was just thinking about how happy we were. How they were putting their rooms together and how I was putting my stuff together and we was all smiling. In just 24 hours for it to be snatched away just that quick. I was thinking about my kids more than anything, about how they, how they going to be,” Clark said.

Monique and her family have been left homeless. Right now, they are staying with family and friends.

6 News reached out to the Delta Township Fire Department, which is overseeing the investigation, and no updates have been given.