LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Homelessness is on the rise nationwide and shelters in Lansing are having no choice but to refuse dozens of people every day

With a cold front on the way, many homeless shelters across Michigan are beginning to panic.

The National Alliance to End Homelessness reports that in Lansing, it’s estimated that on any given night 419 people are left homeless with nowhere to go.

The president and CEO of Holy Cross Services says the shelter is completely full every night.

“We are having to turn away between 10 and 15 individuals every day who are seeking shelter,” said CEO Susan Rosas

Rosas says they can’t keep up with the number of homeless people, but they’re trying their best.

“Any given time we have 130 individuals in our care and that is through a number of programs that we offer,” said Rosas.

And to make matters worse winter is on its way.

“We are in Michigan which is not meant to live outside. If we aren’t able to get people shelter, people will die,” she said.

Rosas believes if we don’t fix the problem it’s only going to get worse

“This time period we are seeing an increase in homeliness a reduction in service and the inability to find affordable housing for folks. This is going to be crisis I think in no time.”

But they’re small things that people can do to help.

“We are constantly in need for warm gloves. We are always in need for warm socks. We are actually currently in a shortage of twin size blankets. So those material needs are really helpful for us,” said Rosas.

What’s also helpful: learning more about the homeless population and educating yourself on the need in this community.

Rosas says it’s time to lose the negative stereotype of the homeless population.

“Ultimately the folks that we are serving are just like anyone of us. That just has happened to lost their safety net,” she said.

Last year Holy Cross Services provided almost 31,000 people with a place to stay and have served almost 70,000 hot meals.

If you would like to get involved or need help, click here.