Lansing inner-city youth build skills for success


LANSING, Mich (WLNS) – 102 inner-city youth participate in the 6th annual Gridiron Institute Football Camp at Southside Community center.

NFL football player Damian Gregory started the program to give back to the Lansing community that raised him.

“All the kids that we can find that you know, can’t really afford all those big money camps that go on out at the college and stuff so we try to go on and give them a Pro-level camp for free.” Damian Gregory, executive director of Gridiron gang.

The city of Lansing funds the event and speakers like Lamar Wilson encourage the youth to stay educated and work towards success.

“You have to practice you have to get your reading in,” Wilson tells the students.

“Unfortunately sometimes they don’t make the best choices and they are just left to hang out at the park so stuff like this gives good guidance, good role modeling…” Lamar Wilson Assistant Principal at Stem Academy said.

Damien Gregory, said he knew he always wanted to give back if he ever made it big, and today the message he has for the youth is about them reaching their dreams too.

“We love them and we care so whatever it takes for them to get to the next level, if they got good support by them, they could do anything they want to do” Gregory said.

Campers between the ages of 6 and 14 attended, and for some this day was about reaching dreams.

“They helped me with drills…. It helps me reach my dreams” Romeo Washington said.

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