LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – A local apartment complex is raising its rent despite complaints about maintenance made by some residents. Now, those residents are speaking out against the rate hike.

The apartments are in Lansing located at 318 West Ceazar Chavez Avenue. People who live there say they are tired of problems around the building being covered up and looked over instead of being taken care of. And to make matters worse, their rent is on the rise.

Allison Lake, a tenant, said she spoke out against what she said were deplorable conditions in her apartment.
She says not only have the issues not been addressed but she is also expected to soon pay even more to live there.

Todd Dorwick, the landlord, says the city of Lansing conducted an inspection of the property back in March, and his building passed. But Lake says she and other tenants continue to see things like bed bugs, cracked ceilings, and hanging wires.

Others living in the building hope to see some changes before they see their monthly rent spike.

Back in May, Kathi Smith, a tenant under Dorwick, had bugs in her refrigerator. She says it has since been replaced, but she still has concerns.

As for Lake, she says she has no intention to pay extra rent money until the landlord stops trying to fix these problems himself.

“It’s a small one-bedroom apartment. $750 for that?” Lake said.

Dorwick claims maintenance requests are sent in writing and right now, he doesn’t have any from Lake herself. He also says she and all other residents were given a 30-day notice about the rent increase.
We also reached out to the city of Lansing code enforcement, but they have not gotten back to us yet.