LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Imagine taking your dog out for a walk on your usual trail only to discover that someone has set up shop to hunt deer.

When Brandon McGhan came across deer feed, a hunting blind, and a space heater near Graves Park with a playground nearby, he had to warn others.

“More so it’s annoying. I don’t want my dog to get shot and I don’t want to get shot,” McGhan said.

McGhan said he was walking his dog when the dog ran off, leading him to a big pile of deer feed.

“I was coming down the trail, the trail is right there and I looked over and I could see the blind a little bit and I was like that’s odd and I know you’re not supposed to be hunting back here,” he said.

Baiting deer is illegal in the Lower Peninsula.

“Anyone that hunts they know how many rules you have to follow and how responsible you have to be, and this just goes against all of that,” McGhan said.

After making this discovery, McGhan said he knew he had to warn his neighbors, especially since kids play in the park right off the trail.

“I looked on Google Maps. It’s like 50 yards directly from this pinpoint is the kid’s playground and there’s a basketball court right there,” McGhan said. “There are a lot of people that walk back here. Kids walk back here and it’s just plain wrong.”

So McGhan took a few photos and a video and put them on the Nextdoor app, hoping to make others aware and maybe even scare the hunter off.

He also made a call to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, who then came out and took the trail camera the hunter had set up.

The hunter took his blind and his heater, indicating that he knew he had been found out.

For McGhan, he says he hopes that people will think twice before putting the lives of others in danger and that he feels better knowing that the state will be keeping an eye out.