An intruder was shot and killed after entering a home in Ionia County last night.

The intruder was identified as Justin Eddy of Lansing. Police say there is no connection between Eddy and the homeowner, and why Eddy was even in the area.

Police added that his car was parked a couple miles down the road, and he stole a truck hauling a Bobcat, and that’s the vehicle that was found at the scene.

According to Ionia County Sheriff Justin Noll, Eddy entered the home, which is said to have been unlocked, and told the homeowners he was being chased by someone who wanted to kill him.

The homeowner armed himself, called 9-1-1, then went outside to look for a car or someone who could have been chasing Eddy, but they found nothing.

While waiting for police to come, the homeowner asked Eddy to wait in their breezeway. Eddy got irritated, confrontational, then attacked the homeowner. The homeowner opened fire on Eddy and he was found dead when police got there.

Sheriff Noll says this is not a normal case for Ionia Count, but can be a message to stay safe even when you’re at home.

“Make sure that you lock all your doors and make sure that you try to do everything you can to prevent this however there are times when you know certain things cant be prevented,” said Sheriff Noll.

He also added that for these homeowners, this was unavoidable.

“Mr. Eddy again had his mind made up that he wanted to enter the residence and the door from my understanding wasn’t locked, had it been who knows what would have happened in that case, but it’s a tragic event,” said Sheriff Noll.

The prosecutor’s office is currently investigated this case and determining if this is a case of self-defense. It is believed that alcohol and drugs were a likely factor in the case.