LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Tuesday was the first time in three years that Lansing’s State of the City address is back in person, and Mayor Andy Schor took the time to reflect on the past year and is looking towards the future.

This was Schor’s sixth year as mayor. He highlighted one main point: “Lansing’s time is now.”

He went on to say that it starts with the city’s police department.

“We’ve had some pretty good successes over the last year. Violent crime has decreased and transparency has increased. Add this to our community policing officers and community services unit and we’ve returned LPD to being a much more forward-facing department that interacts with our residents as well as focusing on crime prevention,” said Schor.

Mayor Schor says the city is also focusing its efforts on providing a better quality of life for residents, including affordable housing, creating new restaurants and venues, and increasing law enforcement and safety.

“We have a lot going on again from housing to economic development to public safety to long-term finances. We have a lot going on,” said Schor.

Other city leaders say they’re excited to see progress, they want to hold their colleagues accountable to make those needed changes.

“But it can’t just be words on a paper, it has to be practical application and implementation so the people and the quality of life of our community can see it in reality,” said City Councilmember Jeffrey Brown.

According to Mayor Schor, it continues to be his goal for years to come.

“We are a city of 113,000 people, in a region of 450,000 people and there’s a lot of things that people want, there’s a lot of things that people expect. And I’m really excited to see not only the things that we’ve done that we can talk about, but also talking about the things we’re going to do in the next year, two years, three years,” said Schor.

Schor also talked about the renaming of Washington Park in honor of Senator Debbie Stabenow. Schor says that’s expected to happen very soon.