LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Though Memorial Day is Monday, celebrations took place today all across mid-Michigan.

Veterans and their families gathered Saturday at the Evergreen Cemetery in Lansing to honor fallen soldiers from Lansing and across the nation.

The ceremony was hosted by Lansing Mayor Andy Schor, and several veterans took to the podium to share their stories from combat and life after war.

Dozens were there to salute the American flag, sing the National Anthem and stand for the Pledge of Allegiance to honor those who served, so Americans can enjoy some of the freedoms they have today.

Families decorated the grave sites of their loved ones and surviving soldiers told their stories, some of them about how they witnessed mortality.

One veteran who served in the Gulf War says we should keep in mind what living veterans went through back then, and to keep in mind of a few things to honor them on Memorial Day.

“Thank them for their service. Welcome them home with open arms. And know that not every disability is visible to everybody,” said veteran Mark Sutton. “Show some grace, show some compassion. And when they’re in need, give them some support. And if need be, there’s a VA 1-800 hotline. Know it, call it and make sure they get the help that they want, because there’s a lot of help out there for veterans.”