Lansing Police gets $10,000 donation to solve cold case homicides


LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — It’s been almost five years and not a day goes by the Basey family doesn’t miss its eldest son, Marcus.

He was killed with a gun shot to the chest in September of 2013, yet going on a decade later, the killer still walks free.

Marcus is just one of 85 cold cases — which is a homicide investigation that is more than a year old without a suspect — that remain open in Lansing. His family hopes the $10,000 donation that AT&T gave the Lansing Police Department today will provide some additional resources to help catch the killer.

“It’s hard all the time, but something like today is some type of help because you got more support,” said Marcus Basey Sr.. “A lot of hope and faith… and I pray a lot about it.”

The oldest open case dates back to 1963 — and there’s at least eight in every decade thereafter. One reason more of these aren’t solved? Staffing.

Shannon Theilen is the only detective in the cold case unit in the Lansing Police Department. She knows where she wants the money to be spent.

“I need some people,” Theilen said. “For instance a retired prosecutor, retired detective, intel analyst, those would be my top three choices…to help categorize, organize, come up with case solvability, give every chance an equal starting point, go through them one by one, find what we’re missing and go from there.”

Mayor Andy Schor says the budget is tight and the city allocates money as best it can. Lansing Police Chief Daryl Green echoed those sentiments.

“I don’t think there’s any Police Chief in America that will stand up and say ‘I have enough resources’, specifically when it comes to cold cases,” Green said. “I mean this, we owe this family some type of resolve.

“We owe that to them.”

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