LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — At least a dozen Kias were stolen in Lansing in just a few days. Police are investigating and owners are fed up.

It’s a dangerous trend on social media that has been around for months.

But in the last few days, there’s been a huge increase in Kias being stolen or broken into.

It’s gotten so bad here in Lansing, police are warning people. One couple said their Kia was targeted twice in just three days.

“Who wants to buy a Kia right now? Not me,” Brittney Andrick said.

It’s been a game of “Grand Theft Auto” in the Capitol City.

Karen Davis, who chose not to appear on camera, says someone attempted to steal her 2016 Kia twice in the past three weeks.

“I don’t even have an alarm. That’s something that my car didn’t come with,” Davis said.

Video from yesterday morning shows a few people breaking into Davis’ car and driving off.

“Looking at the timeframe of the video, this is a time when I would normally walk out, and probably be caught in the action of them doing it,” Davis said.

Brittney and Michael Andrick say their Kia was stolen over the weekend, and someone tried to steal it again this morning.

“Baby cameras, my daughter’s clothes for back-to-school, [were] all in my car, and everything in my car is gone,” Brittney Andrick said.

The Andricks say police tell them they found their Kia parked at the apartment complexes on Cedar and Hamilton, just a few miles away from their home the very next day.

They also mentioned they found another stolen Kia parked right next to theirs.

“We’ve had about a dozen in the last two-three days,” said Lansing Police Sgt. Brent Sorg.

The sergeant believes most of the suspects are teens.

“This is a nationwide trend, it’s called the Kia Boys,” Sorg said. “A window punch taps the window, it’s pretty quiet. It shatters in essence, and then they’re able to gain access into the vehicle.”

Kia dealers want to tell owners with manual keys to bring their cars in for an anti-theft software upgrade.

The Andricks say they just got a letter in the mail about the upgrade last weekend.

“It was perfect timing,” Brittney Andrick said.

All in all, everyone is thankful things are not worse.

“Yeah, I’m done with Kia. I’m literally just done with it,” Davis said.

So, why Kias? It’s because people have posted videos online to show others how to hotwire them.

LPD is now offering wheel locks to help avoid thefts. You can pick those up at the Lansing Police South Precinct at 5815 Wise Road, Lansing.