Lansing Public Schools offer “intra-district” choice


LANSING, Mich (WLNS) – Lansing Public School officials are trying something new this year.

They’re offering students the choice to attend any school they want, at any time, within the district.

Superintendent, Yvonne Cammal Canul, says this “intra-district” choice for students correlates with a program called the “Lansing Pathway Promise.”

The district is going to work with students to help them identify what they like best about school, and want they want to do when they grow up,

Then, students will have the chance to choose a pathway, that works best for them.

For students interested in visual and performing arts, they can choose the Everett High School Pathway.

For students interested in skilled trades, the Sexton Pathway will help fit that need.

And lastly, the Eastern Pathway will be focused around bio-technology.

The new program aims to give students a chance to pursue their interests while giving them a competitive edge in their future.

“No matter where you live in the Lansing School District, we’ll get you to one of our schools. If you want to be in a school on the south side, and you live on the north side, we’ll get you to the south side school. We believe it’s really important for people to choose the school they go to and we want you to stay in the Lansing School District so no matter what neighborhood you live in you get to pick the school you want to go to,” says Caamal Canul.

The district will provide transportation to all schools, anywhere in the district, and kids can choose to switch schools at any time if it doesn’t feel right for them.

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