LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – The Lansing City Council voted to add ranked-choice voting to the November ballot.

Now, it will be in the hands of voters whether or not to implement this new voting system.

“It does require voters to rank candidates, by preference on their ballots. If a candidate wins a majority of first preference votes, he or she is declared the winner,” said Adam Hussain, Lansing City Councilman.

The winner in ranked-choice voting must get more than 50% of all first preference votes. If not, the person who gets the fewest first preference votes is eliminated.

But whoever was voted second on those ballots would be ranked higher.
That process would continue until someone wins a majority of first preference votes.

For some, Having ranked choice voting is their top choice.

“When you can rank your choices, you end up with people who win the election who are more agreeable to more people,” one Lansing resident said.

While others Rank it near the bottom.

“Just really confusing the voters and going to something you don’t need to do,” another Lansing resident said.

Lansing councilmember Brain Kackson said wherever you fall on this debate… Take it to the polls.

Eastpointe Michigan is currently the only city in the state using ranked-choice voting.