LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – The Lansing School District will be getting a nice windfall of cash to help bring in specialized teachers.

The district is receiving nearly $1 million as part of the Grow Your Own program.

The program, funded by the state, aims to recruit Lansing area teachers who want to become certified instructors in a specific educational field.

“This grant is specifically targeted at helping Lansing teachers and people who want to qualify to become Lansing School District teachers,” said Superintendent Ben Shuldiner in a press release. “There are many specialized areas of teaching that require state certification.  This grant will be a fantastic tool in helping recruit, attract and create certified teachers who want to be here working in our Lansing schools with the kids they know in the school district they love.”  

The funds, approximately $959,694 in total, came from the American Rescue Plan and goes towards schools most impacted by COVID.

According to the Lansing School District, certain classes in some districts have been covered by full-time substitute teachers since the pandemic, substitutes who may not have the accreditation to teach that subject, such as math, art, PE, or special education.

The Grow Your Own program will screen applicants in the Lansing School District who are recommended and want to pursue an education specialization certificate.

Through a partnership with Central Michigan University, the grant money will be used to help pay for the required education credits and classes. The teacher is then guaranteed a job in the Lansing School district teaching in that area of specialty.