LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – “It’s been a really fun experience. I’ve been able to learn and excel at new things and it’s been really eye-opening,” said Sexton High School 10th grader Ayane Kelley.

She’s part of the LSD Career and Technical Education Program (CTE,) and now the district plans to open a high school centered around CTE.

“Anybody listening if you have an 8th grader at home, please apply. You can apply to this school if you live in Lansing if you live anywhere in Michigan,” LSD Superintendent Ben Shuldiner said.

Lansing Tech is set to open later this year. The CTE high school differs from a typical program.
Instead of students spending half of the school day learning a new trade and then returning to their regular academic schedule, Lansing Tech will provide the best of both worlds.

“Reading, writing, arithmetic, ELA, math scores all of that is important. LSD Board of Education President Rachel Willis said. “It is equally important that we have career and technical-ready students.”

The school will focus on educating and providing students with hands-on training in building trades, fire and medical science, culinary arts, and computer science.

With plans to join the medical field, Kelley said she’s already learning so much.

“We were doing our CPR classes and I didn’t really know that there was a difference on how much in-depth you had to go when doing chest compressions for a child and an infant,” Kelley said.

Officials say they look forward to getting students ready for the workforce.