LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – J.W. Sexton High School’s Big Red mascot and branding is on its way out.

The Lansing School District is receiving an $87,500 grant from the Native American Heritage Fund to support the development of a new mascot, logo and branding for Sexton.

The Sexton Big Reds have evolved over the years from using a logo that previously included a Native American wearing a headdress, to the use of a red ‘Block S’ logo with the numeral 2 in the top right corner.

The NAHF grant and rebranding process will entail input from students, alumni teachers and the community to select a new Sexton logo, name and mascot.

Lansing Superintendent Ben Shuldiner said this will be a complete reboot of the brand.

“This is a very exciting opportunity to include our school district family and come together to create something really terrific we all will be proud of in the future,” Shuldiner said.

The Lansing School District will formally receive the grant at an Aug. 19 ceremony.

“Everyone who knows me also knows I’m the biggest ‘Big Red’ alumna – Sexton class 2000 – and booster,” said Board of Education president Gabrielle Lawrence.  “Most all of my classmates and friends understand it’s time for a change. This rebranding is the right thing to do and now is the time to do it.”

Meanwhile, Sexton Principal Dan Boggan said the school is ready for a change.

“We have an aggressive rebranding schedule, and we plan to have a complete new Sexton look in place in 2023,” Boggan said.