LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – The Lansing Board of Education approved a new, four-year contract for the district’s teachers today.

The contract was approved by 6 of the district’s elected leaders, boosting the starting salary of teachers.

“It raises the starting salary to one of the highest in all of mid-Michigan, and we know that that’s going to attract talent, Lansing is an amazing school district that people are going to want to work in, and now we can bring the salaries up to a level where people will want to come here,” says Ben Shuldiner, superintendent of the Lansing School District.

The contract also included retention bonuses of 3.5 percent each year for the next four years.

Union leaders say the move will bring in new teachers.

Chuck Alberts, Lansing Schools Education Association President, “because we want people to choose Lansing, it’s a great destination, it’s a great spot to have your career, and then once you start here, why not stay here?”

The union represents more than 800 employees for the Lansing School District. Union members approved the contract in a vote last week.