LANSING TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WLNS) — Yes, the year is 2022, but evidently there are still some people in the market for the 1931 REO 835 Convertible.

The Lansing Township Police Department posted on Friday they were looking for a model of the nearly 100 year old car that was stolen while in an enclosed trailer on North Rosemary Street.

The police department asked anyone to call if they had any information.

Fast forward to Monday, and Lansing Township Police said they have tracked down the old-school car.

“The Lansing Township Police Department is thrilled to announce we have recovered the stolen 1931 REO 835 Convertible vehicle!”

While the investigation is still ongoing, police said they’re excited to return the car to its owner.

Police didn’t share any information about how they tracked down the car.