LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – United Auto Workers union leaders are expected to share an update on contract talks with the Big Three Friday afternoon at 2 p.m., via an online address. Local 602 members in Lansing are part of the many auto workers waiting for that update and to learn if any other facilities will be joining the strike line. 

Last Friday, those members walked off the job when strikes were called at the GM Lansing Delta Township Assembly Plant.  Mike Huerta is the president of Local 602 and says his members have been holding the line, rain or shine. He says other local union leaders have been reaching out in case they get the call to join the picket line.

UAW Strike: Lansing’s Delta assembly plant union employees on strike

“They are asking questions should they be called on next. So, we are kind of going over best practices, what to worry about, what to avoid, those types of things,” said Huerta. 

Friday’s 2 p.m., announcement comes after GM made a new counteroffer Thursday. GM leaders have not yet shared the details of that latest proposal on their website. Huerta says he’s cautiously optimistic about the update. 

“In the end, we do what we do, and that is build the best cars on the planet. We’ve done this before, we’ve been through strikes before, we’ve been through negotiations before. They want to come to the table just like we do, we want an equitable deal just like they do, so let’s get this done.”

Huerta says his group of more than 2,000 members has received support in donations from both other locals and people around the community.

Since September 15, UAW members have been working without contracts with GM, Ford and Stellantis. 

6 News will be streaming the UAW announcement and will have more as this story develops.