NEW YORK, NY. (WLNS) – An urgent manhunt is underway for a gunman in New York who opened fire inside a subway car Tuesday morning.

Investigators said the gunman was riding the “N” line going into Manhattan just before 8:30 a.m., wearing a gas mask when he set off a gas canister and opened fire, shooting innocent riders on the train and platform.

So far, all we know is that 29 people have been injured.

Police said they found a handgun inside the subway station with three extended round magazines, one of them was actually jammed and they said that gun jamming likely saved a lot of lives.

One Lansing woman was in the city at the time. She said she’s still in shock from Tuesday’s shooting.

Lisa Smith and her son were on their way to a doctor’s appointment Tuesday morning. When they got to the subway station they use every day, they ran into a street filled with police, commuters, and staff from a nearby school, all rushing to those hurt on the platform below.

Smith said there was a lot of confusion as people tried to piece together what had just happened,
Some guessed it was a shooting, while others were worried about bombs possibly left behind.

She said transportation around the city was at a near standstill as emergency crews got to the scene.
The thing that stood out the most to her was that she and her son missed the whole ordeal by just a half hour.

“The sidewalks were filling up and as we got closer to the subway, that’s where we were going. My youngest said to me “I think that must be the subway”. We were talking about what time do we leave in the morning. Have we left a half-hour early we would have been on that subway platform and you just don’t know what chance is going to bring you based on the decisions you made yesterday and I think that’s what’s really shocking about it,” said Smith.

Right now there’s no word on the person’s motive. Police said the incident does not appear to be terror-related. But they’re not ruling anything out.