LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Kylee Kellett has loved art since she was 6 years old. It’s a passion that runs in the family.

“We were always like painting something. It was a lot of arts and crafts all the time,” Kylee said.

She considered pursuing it professionally when she was younger.

“I was like this could be a real thing. People do this for a living,” Kylee said.

But she changed courses and went down a different path. She decided to go into nursing but she quickly realized it wasn’t fulfilling her.

“When I was going to nursing school I was sitting in that orientation and I was crying in this auditorium and I was like I can’t do this. I can’t do this,” Kylee said.

She took a chance and dropped out of nursing school to pursue art.

“Well what’s the one thing that makes me happy that I can do as a career and I was like its art I can do it,” Kylee said.

Things were lining up for her. She had an art show she was preparing for. But that was until her passion was put on pause.

“They noticed that pieces of the shattered bit had come off and so they were like okay we’re gonna have surgery again tomorrow,” Kylee said.

In the middle of August, Kylee broke her arm after falling off of a long board. With her first art show coming up, Kylee’s future was up in the air.

“What if I have lasting nerve damage… like I don’t know there’s so many unknowns in the healing process that I’m just like I was scared the whole time,” Kylee said.

But she didn’t let this set back stop her. She had several surgeries to heal her arm. Her show called “Party for the Pitties” continued as planned.

It was an artistic celebration of pit bulls, which is a dog breed she knows and loves.

“Party for the Pitties was mostly inspired by my pit bull, Indigo,” Kylee said.

Kylee said she tried to paint pit bulls in a more positive light through her art work.

“Every time we’d walk down the street people would cross the road and like staring at her all crazy,” Kylee said.

She featured a collage of hundreds of local pet pit bulls from the community.

With her first showcase behind her, Kylee is looking ahead. Physically her bruises and stitches are left behind to heal. But mentally, Kyle said she feels stronger than ever.

“If you don’t think that you can do it, just do it it’ll be fine… trust in other peoples faith in you. If you don’t have it somebody else is gonna have it for ya,” Kylee said.