Lansing woman with a moldy apartment finally gets a resolution


DeEldra Howard spends most of her time outside on her porch at Rivershell Apartments in Lansing because she says what’s inside her home is making her sick.

“It’s affecting me mentally and physically it’s affecting me… I done been to the hospital twice because of this.”

Howard discovered mold in her apartment in mid-July so she called Rivershell’s front office.

“She sent the maintenance guy out here to come and spray with water, bleach and a paper towel.”

Bleach only kills mold on non-porous surfaces, not drywall. So Howard took things into her own hands and bought a mold kit, and made more phone calls.

On August 2nd, Rivershell’s manager and maintenance along with the City’s code enforcement went to Howard’s home. Maintenance cut out a chuck of her wall and did not see mold.

Feeling frustrated, Howard took things a step further and contacted section 8, which sent an inspector.

“She said oh it’s mold you can smell it in your house as soon as you walk in.”

The apartment failed the section 8 inspection, and Howard was told they would send a notice to Rivershell saying they have 30 days to get rid of the mold.

“I call up to the office to give a heads up and spoke to the manager lady, her exact words were I don’t care what your section 8 inspector said, I’m going with what the city says.

6 News called the Lansing code enforcement who said it’s not certified to check for mold. Howard tried calling Trinity Multifamily, the company that owns Rivershell, but couldn’t get through.

6 News also emailed Trinity but got no response, so Reporter Kiara Hay went to Rivershell and told the manager the city never cleared the apartment and section 8 would be sending a notice.

Within the hour the CEO of Trinity Multifamily called Howard and said they will personally handle the situation.

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