LARA suspends Eaton Co. child care provider’s license following investigation


LANSING, MI (WLNS) – The Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs announced Wednesday, that an Eaton County child care provider’s license has been suspended. The provider has been running her business for more than decade.

The investigation into this child care group home, Debra A. Maxie, started in Feb. 2016 after a complaint was filed.

Wednesday, LARA issued a notice revoke the day care provider’s license as a result of their findings.

6 News looked through the 18-page investigation report, laying out the violations.

Here’s what we know about the child care group home. According to the report, the name of the facility is called Debra A. Maxie, which is also the name of the woman whose name is on the license for the group home.

It’s located in the 8500 block of Doe Pass in Lansing.

Documents show, Maxie was awarded her day care license back in 2003 to care for 12 children.

The report shows a number of allegations made against Maxie, some of them were found to be untrue, others were found to be violations of the Child Care Organizations Act, as well as rules pertaining to appropriate care and supervision, children’s records, and bedding and sleep equipment.

In total, there were seven violations, four of which were repeat violations.

To name just a few; one of them had to do with Maxie’s method of discipline, when she allegedly made a child stand in the corner of the kitchen in the dark, not allowing a child to use the bathroom when they asked, covering a child’s head with a blanket while he slept on her stomach, and leaving some children unattended in the basement.

According to documents from the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, this isn’t the first time Debra Maxie has had her license suspended.

Reports dating back to 2012 show there were similar violations found during an inspection.

6 News reached out to Maxie for comment, but have not heard back.

She does have the right to appeal this suspension; in the meantime a hearing date will be set.

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