LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — A St. Johns woman had an extra $10 in her pocket before starting her shift at Bruno’s, so she decided to buy a Club Keno lottery ticket.

“As I was looking at the terminal, my co-worker, Jack, suggested I add The Jack to my ticket, so I did,” said Shawna Foerster, 40. “The rest if history.”

After selecting her easy-pick “The Jack” numbers–01-07-11-13-36-46-55-57–Foerster went to work. Later in her shift, she went to scan the ticket on the terminal, which printed a receipt telling Foerster she needed to claim her prize at the lottery office.

“I figured I had won $1,000 or so,” said Foerster. “It wasn’t until later when I downloaded the lottery app and scanned my ticket that I realized I had won $197,296!”

Foerster plans to use the lottery winnings to pay for her daughter’s college education and put the rest into savings.

“Winning this prize is life-changing for my family,” Foerster said. “It means we’ll be able to save for a rainy day and not worry as much about having a cushion to fall back on.”

With The Jack, players get eight easy-pick numbers to match 20 Club Keno numbers drawn.