JACKSON, Mich. (WLNS) — A renovated four-story warehouse has become a house of horror, for all Michiganders to enjoy – it’s called Jackson’s Underworld.

Officials with the haunted house said this year they have dialed up on the dread like never before, and tonight is your last night to enjoy it.

Shiloh Utterback, Jackson’s Underworld is one of the professional scarers that will be there tonight.

“It’s very spooky I think it’s definitely going to be very fun we usually get the weirdest vibes on Devils Night the night before, so Halloween is usually pretty fun day here at Underworld we all like to celebrate it and we all have a lot of fun,” Utterback said.

Jackson’s Underworld is a 115,000-square-foot warehouse filled with 1.5 Miles of haunted spaces, and Karissa Clark, Jackson’s Underworld said her favorite part is the screams. “We have a tally board upstairs where we will mark when people pee themselves because they’ll announce it to the world,” Clark said.

She also said there is a tally board of breakdowns of people crying, but still pushing through. “We are constantly pushing them to their limits but I mean that’s what they came here to do is get scared,” Clark said.

Halloween is the last night to enjoy, so if you want to come out tickets are $35 and available at the door.