EAST LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Voters around the state took advantage of same-day voter registration and they were lined up in the hundreds. Some even waited four hours after polls closed, including a Michigan State University student.

At the East Lansing City Clerk’s Satellite Office in Brody Hall at MSU, lines could be seen throughout the morning and into the evening. In fact, the last voter in line cast his ballot at 12:09 a.m. But MSU Sophomore Cole Current said it was all worth it.

“It’s important to have your voice heard in your government obviously. Especially young people who don’t typically vote that often,” the Computer Science major said.

Officials for the MSU Vote Initiative said voters across the state were eager to make use of the same-day registration rule to make their votes count, and it was no secret at the satellite office on campus.

“And so, the long lines there were because there were many students who wanted to both register and apply for absentee and vote all at one time,” MSU Co-Director for MSU Vote Initiative Renee Brown said.

Election officials said students were hoping to do so, for plenty of different reasons.

“Some of those students were registering for the first time here in East Lansing, some of them were registered in other parts of Michigan or the country, but wanted to re-register and participate in their community here in East Lansing and cast their ballots,” Democratic Engagement Coordinator Erin Kramer said.

They said thousands of students waited in lines, many after 8:00 p.m., just for a chance to vote. And that’s exactly what Current did.

“I received an email from someone at MSU saying ‘If you’re in line at Brody at 8 o’clock, they can’t kick you out. You can cast your vote even if you’re there at 7:59 p.m.,'” Current said.

He said organizers were handing out food, playing music, and passing the time. Despite that, he said his vote was cast after midnight.

“I left at approximately 12:30 a.m., so I was there for about four and a half hours,” he said.

And after the line was gone and all votes were cast, he wanted to say thank you.

“I helped pick up a little bit with the election, the people who were running the election there, I kind of felt bad. I was kind of keeping them up a little bit so,” Current joked.