Michigan (WLNS)- COVID-19 has taken lives around the world and left many with long term conditions, and for some people, it’s taken a piece of their identity.

Hair plays a large role in your identity and for some, it gives a confidence boost. It’s one of the only things on your body that you can change anytime you want, but without it, you can lose a lot.

“It was very hard for me when I first lost all my hair, it was dramatic. I loved my hair and it was always long and full,” said Shannon Gilroy a COVID-19 survivor.

The American Academy of Dermatology Association and CDC says hair loss is a long-term complication and is something a lot of COVID-19 patients experience.

“My Dermatologist said it was Alopecia that came from COVID, and I am now on steroids and hoping that it grows back soon, it definitely is something that takes a toll on you beyond your physical body,” said Gilroy.

As for now, she plans to keep sharing her story with others in hopes that they take COVID-19 more seriously and realize that even when you do beat the virus, some things from it stay.

“It’s not just the flu, do you normally lose your hair when you have the flu, no. We all need to be more cautious so no one has to experience these types of dramatic experiences,” said Gilroy.