Laughing for a serious cause


Most would agree there’s no better way to spend a Friday night than with a lot of laughs and good company, but when your “cover charge” benefits a non-profit that helps empower women across Mid-Michigan, those laughs are then also mixed with some love as well.

Nearly 200 people filled the Cadillac Room in REO Town Friday night to listen to several comedians take over the stage.

But this night was much more than some comic relief.

“When the man on the other side of the speaker said would you like to make it a meal? Well, I said what any good weight watchers member would say…yes please.” *Audience Laughs*

As laughter echoed across the room, it was clear that everyone absorbing the comedy acts was there for one reason.

“To support the women’s resource center,” said Corey Nieland; Advocate of the Women’s Center of Greater Lansing.

“The women’s center does a wonderful job of taking care of women who are in transition,” Lynne Martinez stated.

For 13 years, the “Women’s Center of Greater Lansing” has offered a place of empowerment for women…women who haven’t quite recognized their potential and feel as if they have no place to turn.

“If they want a new job, if they want a new career, if they want to learn a new skill, if they want to become a skilled trades woman, if they just need some counseling to help them figure out all those things…they can get it here,” said Cindie Alwood; Executive Director.

Alwood says the non-profit started so women could have a safe place that was accessible and affordable.

“You don’t have to be sad and lonely and suffer, there are people out here to help you,” Alwood stated.

And that’s why Alwood says the organization hosts a comedy fundraiser like this every year and all the money raised goes directly to the center, a fundraiser that people are more than happy to give to.

“You know I have friends who have gone to the women’s center and they’ve been just highly successful and it’s just a wonderful organization,” said Martinez.

Alwood says the organization raised nearly $7,000 at last year’s comedy night and she hopes this year they’ll beat that.

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